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From $5
Tourism / Entertainment

it's 4 season water land that you could enjoy it even through cold and snowy winters as it's covered and well air conditioning, you can enjoy it with all of your family together in one time but in different halls for ladies, including exciting and unique exciting instruments, spa, artificial wavy beach, river, kids area, fast food, photography, parking and ...

very good
100 reviews
From $10
Tourism / Restaurant

There is nice and simple decoration restaurant, it is take a time needed to prepare your meal, taste so great, such a lovely staff, and about price its quite all right not chip not so expensive.

very good
100 reviews
From $1
Tourism / Shopping

From hyper mall and unique top brands shopping mall to prefect food court, nice coffee shop and finally cinemas, with good parking lot and ease of access to main roads and public transportations, but a bit expensive, mostly Turkish brands of clothes shops.

very good
100 reviews